Hadleigh Folk & Acoustic Music Nights



Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, Tony mixes the touching with the hard-hitting, the poignant with a laugh. He sings about humankind and it’s world, reflecting his own oblique views on life as a member of the human race (which he is determined to win!)

Tony cites these musicians as his influences: Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Kurt Weill, The Beatles. Randy Newman and Jake Thackeray.  There is more information and music to listen to on Tony’s WEBSITE.


In recent years, Na-Mara have built an enviable reputation for fine story-telling and musicianship, performing in venues and festivals across the UK, at events in France, Spain, Germany and China, and on BBC Radio 4 and a plethora of internet and local radio stations.

They consistently deliver new and exciting material to folk audiences with their own provocative material in traditional style on contemporary and historical topics; their English translations of songs from Breton, French and Quebecois traditions; and their take on traditional tunes from Brittany, France and the Spanish Celtic regions of Asturias and Galicia.  There is more information and plenty of videos on their WEBSITE.


Hadleigh Folk and Acoustic Music Nights are normally, though not always, held on the first Friday of the month – from September to July at the Ansell Centre, Market Place, Hadleigh IP7 5DU.
We feature folk music in the broadest sense of the word. In addition to “traditional” and “contemporary” folk music, you can expect to hear hints of pop, country, jazz or even classical music.

Our doors open at 7.45 and the music starts at 8 o’clock.

Each evening starts with an informal short  “floor spot”. Please contact us in advance to book a floor spot.

Next, after a short break, is our Featured Guest: a 30-minute performance from an individual or group.Finally, after another short break, our Main guest finishes the evening with a 60-minute performance. Occasionally we have two joint main guests each of 45 mins. Our evenings finish around 10.00.

Entry price is £5.00.

There is no bar at the Ansell Centre, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks.

There is plenty of free parking within easy walking distance of the venue.

For further information, contact club organisers Simon or Val Haines on 07818 417780 or 07818 417781 or email simonhaines1@icloud.com