Programmes 2011 – 2020

2019 – 2020
Sept 6    Mary Humphreys and Anahata with Park and Ride
Oct 4      Rosewood with Sacha Osborn
Nov 1     Hunter Muskett with Gemma Kawaja
Dec 6      Helen and The Neighbourhood Dogs, with Holly D Johnston
Jan  3     Zoë Wren and  Megan Wisdom
Feb 7      Rob Barratt with Crayon Angels
Mar  6     Flaming June and Martin Kaszak & Faradena Afifi
May 1      Na Mara with Anni Mehan & Tom Crosthwaite – – CANCELLED
Jun 5       False Colours and Steve Pledger – – CANCELLED  
Jul  3       Oka Vanga with Steve Christopher & John Boseley – – CANCELLED

Sept 7    Shackleton Trio with The Somali Road Attic Band
Oct 5       Fiona Larcombe and Terry Mann with Peter Kerr and Friends
Nov 2      Kelly Oliver with Bards of the Heath
Dec 14   Cambridge & Walker and Tony Winn
Jan  4     Stan Harvey and Revival
Feb 1      The Jigantics with Simple Folk
Mar 1      Harbottle and Jonas with Peter Hood
Apr 5       FRENCH NIGHT  Bof!, Dave Shepherd  and Patrick Bouffard’s Centralbal
May 3      Dick Miles with Jeremy Harmer
Jun 7       Sedbuskers with Delta Ladies
Jul 5        Tony Hall and Three Score

Sept 1    Terence Blacker with The Columbines
Oct 6       Paul Scourfield with Phil Lyons
Nov 3      Two Coats Colder with The O’Driscolls
Dec 1       Alden, Patterson and Dashwood with Alan Day
Jan  5      The Bijoux Toots with Stan Harvey
Feb 2       Andy Mathewson with Capstan Full Strength
Apr 6        La Chavannée with Dave Shepherd & Bof!  (French evening)
May 11    Harbour Lights Trio with Terry Hiscock
Jun 1       Oka Vanga with Stephen Foster Pilkington
Jul 6         Sally Ironmonger with Paul Riley

Sept   2    Sound Tradition with Matt Haines
Sept 30   The August List with Green, Tricker and Ward
Nov     4    Claude Bourbon with Tom and Emma Hardy
Dec      2     Mary Humphreys & Anahata with Bernard Hoskin
and Martin Newell and The Hosepipe Band
Jan      6       Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer with Angela Dennis
Feb      3        Andy Clarke with Revival
Mar      3       Where’s Spot Band with Megan Wisdom
Apr      7        French Evening with La Mère Folle and others
May     5        Terry Mann and Fiona Larcombe with Tom KIng
Jun      2        Red Velvet / Face Furniture with Paddy Butcher
Jul       7        John Ward Band with Richard Byers

September 4 – The Askew Sisters with Ross Birkitt Trio
October 2  – Penni McLaren Walker and Bryan Causton with The Quay Street Whalers
November  6 – Martin Newell and the Hosepipe Band with Phil Lyons
December  4 – Stan and Maggie with Jackie Ord
January  15 –  Kath Tait with A Light Left On
February 5 – East Creek Union with Tony Winn
March  11 –  Pete Cooper and Richard Bolton with Robert Castellani
April  15  – French evening: with Richard Overton & Maria O’Brien, Gwendal Moële &
Paul Riley
, Duo Synkro, and Dave Shepherd & Anna Pack
May  6 – Na Mara with Swallow and the Wolf
June 3 – Acoustic East Collective: No Strings Attached, Rosewood, Dragonfruit
July 1 –  Richard Grainger with Tango Innominado

September 5  – Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer  with Na-Mara
October 3   –  Issy and David Emeney   with The Crayfords
November 7   –  Steve Tyler and Andy Clarke with Tango Innominado
December 5   – Said the Maiden with East Creek Union
January 2  – Danny Pedler and Rosie Butler-Hall with Colin and Karen Cater
February 6   –  Sam Kelly Band  with Holly Johnson
March 6  –  French evening: Bof!, Trio Saozon, Katskoo and Duo Shepherd-Gielen
April 10   –  The Jumping Beans with Alice and Megs Martin
May 1  –  Terence Blacker with Elaine Barker
June 5   –  Louise Jordan with Where’s Spot
July 3   –  Sally Ironmonger with Park & Ride

Sept 6  –   Kiss the Mistress  with  Andy Webster (aka Brains for Breakfast)
Oct  4   –   Bof! with Passing Wind (aka The Tim Hanks Quintet)
Nov 1    –  Nancy Wallace with Terence Blacker
Dec 6    –  Full English with Christmas Carols and Danny Pedler and Rosie Butler-Hall
Jan 3    –  Colchester Waits with Paul Riley and Gwendal Moele
Feb 7    –  Tin River Band with Alvar Smith
Mar 7   –   Steve Turner with Halfcrownstreet
Apr 4    –   Andy Mathewson with The Larks
May 2   –   John Ward and Mario Price with Maggie Moore and Stan Bloor
Jun 6   –    Tony Hall with Kathryn Coombs
Jul 4    –    Mick and Sarah Graves with Echoes of Bal Musette

Sept 2012 – The Willows with Alice Martin
Oct  2012 – John Ward and Mario Price with Kiss the Mistress
Nov 2012 – Jo Freya with The Sheri Kershaw Band
Dec  2012 – Riotous Assembly with The Blue Orchids
Jan  2013 – The Askew Sisters with Winch and Miners
Feb  2013 – Jim Causley with David Gerard Music
Mar  2013 – Kath Tait with Park ‘n Ride
Apr. 2013 – Pete Cooper and Richard Bolton with Paddy Butcher
May 2013 – The Carrivick Sisters with Tony Winn
Jun. 2013 – Most Unexpected (Barn Dance)
Jul. 2013 –  Dragonfruit with Sound Tradition

Sept 2011 –  Crownstreet with The Bing Bong Band
Oct  2011  –  The Candle Thieves with Matt Haines
Nov 2011  –   Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer with Phil Lyons
Dec  2011 –   Mary Humphries and Anahata with The Medlars
Jan  2012 –   Two Coats Colder with Richard and Maria
Feb  2012 –   KEGS with Elaine Barker
Mar  2012 –   Issy and David Emeney with Paul Riley
Apr   2012 –   Bof! with Dragonfruit
May  2012 –  Strangeworld with No Strings Attached
Jun  2012 –  The Hosepipe Band (Barn Dance)
Jul   2012 –   Stuart Moffat with Kathryn Coombs