Skolvan Music

Here are the pieces that Skolvan propose to teach in their music workshop. Click on the titles to see the dots.

Plinn 1 TS

Kas a barh (trad) Skolvan

Laridé 8 temps

Rond de St-Vincent

This is the idea they have. (Please excuse Google translate.)

I think we should give the scores to the trainees when they register. The workshop is short, 2 hours, we would save time if the musicians present have already tackled the pieces before coming. The goal will be to work on the style, the way of playing to make these tunes sound good with the ornaments.
This workshop is for all instruments. We propose to divide the workshop into two groups:

1 / Hosted by Bernard and Youenn. Study of the melodic repertoire.
2 / Led by Régis and Gilles: study of support.

The four pieces attached can be used as a base to start the workshops.